Safety Division

Kinann and Associates Contracting, a state licensed firm, has 35 years experience and will provide the SAFETY INSPECTIONS needed to help minimize financial loss for your business due to UNSAFE employee and customer occupied areas on your premises (interior and exterior).

Left unchecked, these problems could possibly lead to injuries and litigation, resulting in negative cash flow for your company.

Our firm specializes in identifying hazardous and potentially hazardous problems and areas. Examples: electrical, plumbing, glass, handicapped requirements, unsafe foot-traffic areas, dangerous machinery, equipment, tools, fixtures, furniture, exposure to vehicular traffic, unsafe structures, hazardous solvents and chemicals, potential seismic problems, fire hazards. user-unfriendly areas., etc.

Discrepancies identified will be prioritized as to the urgency of the repairs needed and a solution recommended. Mr. Kinann is the principal in charge of all work undertaken by the firm and is qualified to provide all phases of inspections and cost estimating. He is a licensed California General Engineering Contractor, Class A, and General Building Contractor, Class B. He is also a consultant and expert witness in the construction industry.

Can your business afford NOT to take advantage of our service?

For fee and appointment schedule contact:
Robert P. Kinann
Engineer, Contractor, CEO
Kinann and Associates Engineering and Contracting
Inspection and Safety Division

Lic. #384247

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